After 10 Calendar Days
  • Principal: Included
  • Total Return: 113%
  • Minimum Deposit: 10 USD
  • Maximum Deposit: 1000 USD
6% Daily
On Business Days
for 30 Days
  • Principal: Back
  • Total Return: 132%
  • Minimum Deposit: 20 USD
  • Maximum Deposit: 25000 USD
Days Online: 335
Total Invested: $ 1992154.58
Total Members: 4186
DDoS Protection: ON
Anti-Malware Security: ON
Status: PAYING

About "OnePunchLTD"

OnePunchLTD Limited offers affordable earnings for anyone. A modern company, whose core business direction is closely related to computer technology and software, has been developing new methods and effective algorithms of crypto mining. For several years, OnePunchLTD Limited not only has managed to build a few large data centers in UK, but also to equip them with powerful bitcoin mining hardware that around the clock provides with stable earnings growth.

In 2015, the company made a successful attempt to enter the international technology market with an offer of profitable cooperation. The main goal is to build a branch network of data centers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark. Relevant climate, capital investment in construction and process equipment for mining are the main criteria for an interesting startup project with minimum requirements for investors and where anyone can participate or become a co-owner of the company after the share issue.

Our Philosophy

Since the advent of Bitcoin and the first attempts to turn cryptocurrency into payment method our company is closely watching for the slightest changes in the field of digital money. The best technical and computer experts are involved in the solution of many problems, which make closer a new era of financial relationships and blur the physical boundaries between us. Like millions of people around the world, we sincerely believe that in the near future cryptocurrency will become a worthy replacement for not only conventional money, but also the world's electronic payment systems.

OnePunchLTD Limited spends a lot of time studying the phenomenon of cryptocurrency and looking for different ways to get Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. In addition, we are ready to share our knowledge and experience, use our skills for earnings and to promote the idea of switching to cryptocurrency in all sectors of the financial life of people. That is why we are launching our investment project and invite everyone who shares our ideas and is ready to grow with OnePunchLTD Limited.

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  • 5% - first level
  • 2% - second level
  • 1% - third level
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